Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ministry Issues First Queen of the North Spill Update

BC's Ministry of the Environment yesterday issued the first Information Update related to the Queen of the North oil spill and the related response effort. The press release includes a very useful map of the incident area, including locations of diesel sheens and protective booms.

Four sensitive areas have been identified, including two on Gil Island, one at Kulkayu and one at Crane Bay ( to protect an oyster bed, we are told ).

Aerial reconnaissance of Grenville Channel, Farren Island and Fin Island has also been completed by the SCAT ( Shoreline Assessment and Cleanup ) team. Pockets of oil were identified.

Impacts on wildlife have not been found so far, and major impacts are not expected, we are told.

Today, Sunday, the response team hopes to target two new sites for booming and sorbent sweeping: Hawk and Crane Bays.


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