Friday, September 01, 2006

BC Marine Environmental Policy Papers Made Available

A total of eleven written submissions by Dr. Gerald Graham to various public consultation processes related to marine environmental policy on the wet coast of Canada are now available. Topics covered include the:

1) Deltaport Third Berth Expansion Project Comprehensive Study
2) BC Offshore Oil and Gas Moratorium Panels (3)
3) Southern Resident Killer Whale Draft Conservation Strategy (2)
4) Southern Strait of Georgia National Marine Conservation Area Feasibility Study
5) Marine Mammmal Regulations Initiative
6) Scott Islands Marine Wildlife Area Initiative
7) SETAC Panel Victoria Sewage Review
8) COINPacific Forum
9) Batholiths Project ( work in progress )
10) Critique of Enbridge Gateway Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment Consultation Process ( work in progress )

Submissions range in length from one page to fourteen. They are available either individually or as a CD set.

A complementary sample of Dr. Graham's work can be seen in the next blog entry, on the topic of the Deltaport Third Berth Expansion Project.


Anonymous J.Murali said...

Can I get a copy of all your latest plocy papers?(preferrably in electronic form) We are working on policy papers connected to tsunami restoration like reconstruction,restoring livelihoods, coastal regaulations etc. Hence your policy papers may be of use to us. I am working with WWF-India.



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