Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Proposal for a Giant National Park in Northern BC

We owe it to our Great Helmsman, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, for first raising the idea of creating a giant national park in Canada. Although such a visionary idea seems unlikely for the whole of Canada ( much as our American cousins and the George Soros socialist billionaires of this world would wish it ), we could start by declaring the whole area to the north of God's Pocket in British Columbia to be one.

I mean, we already have Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve in Haida Gwaii, plus the Great Bear Rainforest on the mainland. And in between, there is both a moratorium on offshore oil and gas and a crude oil tanker moratorium in the Queen Charlotte Basin. So, why not just connect the dots and turn the whole darn area into one huge preserve, available for future generations to behold and marvel at, before it's too late?

So, thanks, Mr. Prime Minister ( or, if I may- 'Steve', as George W. Bush so fondly called you! ) for planting the idea in my head. I'll forward this proposal to the PNCIMA ( Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area ) Initiative your government so brazenly tried to kill last year, on the grounds that it had been infiltrated by American money- those same Yankee dollars that are trying to shut down Canada, stop progress and take us back to the Dark Ages.


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