Friday, April 07, 2006

Pacific White-sided Dolphins Spotted in Vicinity of Queen of the North Oil Spill Site

Hermann Meuter, co-director of Cetacealab on Gil Island, about 40 kms from the site of the recent Queen of the North ferry incident, is somewhat concerned about the fate of a large group of Pacific White-sided dolphins in the area. Hermann spotted more than fifty of these dolphins early Friday morning, spread out over the entire width of Whale Channel, between York Point and Borde Island. Hermann believes that the dolphins most likely traveled through streaks of diesel sheen which were spotted in the area on Thursday. He says the dolphins "were not very active" when he saw them, although he has no idea whether they were adversely impacted by the oil.

Hermann received the report of the diesel sheen sightings from Marven Robinson of the nearby community of Hartley Bay. The sheens in question were spotted Thursday afternoon from a float plane off of Shrub Point. They are on the east side of Gil Island, in Whale Channel, parallel to Gil Island and stretching towards Princess Royal Island. Burrard Clean are thought to have sent some boats to Shrub Point to check things out, but found no evidence of sheen. Hermann reports, however, that diesel is still leaking from the sunken wreck.


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