Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Observer

The raven knows where our past lays
The raven knows it true
He sleeps at night, ‘caws’ by day
Fixing his eyes like glue.

There was a time the raven soared
Above the cedars by the coast
Even before the waves first roared
And Skedans was known to most.

I saw a raven above the trail
He waited while I ate my lunch
And when I left him for a sail
He ate the crumbs, the whole darned bunch.

Wherever you go on Haida Gwaii
You’re bound to hear the raven’s cackle
But never leave your gear nearby
For you’re sure to lose your block and tackle.

Now, logging came and logging went
And fishing’s come and gone
But the raven’s seen what god has sent
And knows what man has done.

Drilling rigs may punch the sky
While tankers ply the strait
The raven with his watchful eye
Just watches while he waits.

The eagle soars majestically
The fish come back to spawn
The raven sleeps but fitfully
Still waiting for the dawn.

A cruise ship passes close to shore
Seagulls in its wake
The raven waits a little more
To see what it can take.

Float planes come, float planes go
Bringing fishers from the mist
The raven takes it all in tow
Adding memories to his list.

Years from now, when I’m gone
To where I do not know
The raven will still sing his song
And the winds continue to blow.


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